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Tania Alexandra - "Abnormal" (NCM 40128)

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"Tania Alexandra proves once again why she is one of Philadelphia's most fiercely original voices . . . we should all be so fortunate to so eloquently transform our quirks and foibles, our flounderings and self-diagnosed failures into something that inspires, illuminates and, in the end, celebrates the beauty of our own imperfection." –Naila Francis (The Intelligencer)

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Rix Glassmeyer - "24,200 miles" (NCM 40124)         $11.99     (Prices include shipping)
Etched out in Brooklyn, New York, 24,200 miles is a chest of songs about insects, Incas, angels, farmers, human-powered planes, Satan, snowmobiles, and let’s not forget women. Jano Rix and Matt Glassmeyer poke their heads out of a mound of different sounds to interpret the material in a way only possible through excessive hours in a windowless room.

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The Kind - "Waiting on the Harvest" (NCM 40115)         $11.99
This follow up to "Plant the Seed" finds The Kind treading a more straight-up rock n' roll ground while still managing to let their reggae and ska influences shine through. Vocalist & guitarist Rich Lebos again commands this stellar collective of musicians, engineers and songwriters through a mix of rock ("Over the Side"), ska ("What's Your Deal"), punk (the aptly titled "Cell Phone Punk"), funk ("Just What It Is") and reggae ("Your Big Day").

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The John Conahan Group "Songs From Philadelphia" (NCM 40107)         $11.99
The debut album from The John Conahan Group is a collection of piano-driven pop and rock songs inspired by the obtuse skyline of Philadelphia. Singer/pianist Conahan assembled a crack commando unit of frequent collaborators to bring his operation to stage and record. Perfect for the bizarro world where Rufus Wainright, Elvis Costello, Nina Simone and David Poe are pop superstars. Lilt scratch nude.

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The Kind "Plant the Seed" (NCM 40104)         $11.99
For years The Kind rocked the stages throughout the country with their heady mix of rock, funk and reggae. It wasn't until 1999 that the sound was finally captured on disc. This auspicious debut combines the energy of their live shows with some late night studio experimentation. "A musical chaos perfectly suited to a group that can light up things with urgent funkiness, barroom innuendo, or unpretentious intelligence." New Times (Miami, FL)

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